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New CNC Router | Shapeoko 3

This turned up at my door 🙂


Fun fact, it is deceptively heavy! According to the Fedex shipping documents about 27kg (~60lbs)


I must give credit to the Carbide 3D team on a beautifully packaged machine! everything is perfectly layed out and carefully wrapped to prevent any damage during shipping._DSC4902


Best Feature!!! Free Sharpie!_DSC4906


Set up my desk to assemble the main parts of the machine and then I moved into my workshop._DSC4909To finish assembly and install the machine in a custom cabinet I have built to enclose dust and sound. I will be posting more on this soon.


Had the instruction manual up on one screen and a film on the other (not pictured) which is probably why the assembly took so long!


The, almost, finished article!_DSC4986

As I mentioned earlier now that this machine has arrived I will be doing a lot more projects and the follow up about my enclosure. So expect videos soon, I am hoping to get my YouTube channel back on track and stick to a weekly schedule as best as possible! So please subscribe for that 🙂



  1. Very very neat enclosure. Nice site too..

    • Nick Nick


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