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Nautilus Shell Speakers -Finishing 3D Prints

While browsing Thingiverse the other day, I came across this intriguing speaker design based on the famous B & W ‘Nautilus’ speakers.

I decided to make my own set and this is what I came up with:

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They will be available on my Etsy very soon:

And now for a brief description of how I made them:



This is one of the parts fresh off the printer and the layer lines are very visible. Conveniently the layer steps almost resemble some of the patterning you find on a shell anyway so this will help with the overall aesthetic and saves sanding time.


A combination of wood filler:


Some sanding and then plastic primer:


Resulted in a pair of speaker enclosures looking like this:

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As is apparent the layer lines are still visible but reduced marginally. The next step is to coat the speakers in a mock stone paint that adds a 3d texture to the surface to mimic stone:


This stone effect finish hides the layer lines and any imperfections not filled during sanding and filling.


Next, some elegant speaker spikes were made using m6 long bolts sanded to a point:

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Then some oak sleeves were machined on the CNC router:

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And then epoxied onto the bolts:


Speaker spikes could then be attached.

Next I made an oak spacer for the woofers that added a nice aesthetic to the front of the speaker and complemented the wood on the spikes.

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Final assembly was easy although the binding posts were fiddly to install as they are located deep inside the body of the speaker.



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