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Experimenting With Loxx Fasteners

Whilst sailing with friends over the last few weeks I came across a very interesting little connector. They are made by a company called Schaeffertec and are essentially a stong, single-handed operating, quick-release fastener.



I thought about what other things these could be used for…. their intended purpose is typically for attaching covers to parts of a boat or car etc. The actual button part is designed for attaching to fabric whereas there are a variety of mounting options for the male part of the fastener.


I thought they would make great quick connectors for your everyday carry. I’m just doing some prototyping at the moment but I came up with this:

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I made a small block of wood on the CNC to mount some Loxx pins on as a key rack type thing and I used a spare belt for demonstration purposes. The system is very strong and it is difficult for the connector to come undone accidentally. This is definitely something worth delving into more in the future!


  1. George George

    Use them as clips for a black speaker grille

    • Nick Nick

      I like this idea a lot!

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