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Shapeoko 3 | EDC Tray Caddy

People are always in need of somewhere to store the things that they carry around in pockets and on there person during the day. Now women tend to have a handbag about their person which takes care of this issue, but for guys it is a little different.

I tend to have my keys, wallet, phone, some loose change and perhaps a stick of chewing gum in my pockets when I go out so dumping this on my desk or table is a recipe for disaster in terms of things getting lost!

So I came up with an elegant design based on some things I saw around the ‘interwebs’ (a friend of mine was convinced this term was a synonym for internet) and set about to make it.


Again, as with most of my projects, I started in Fusion 360.

I pieced together the design then moved on to the CAM once I was happy.


Unfotunately, as this project ended up being a gift, I did not document the making process very much at all but here are some glam shots of the finished piece and a picture of the CNC at work 🙂

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