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Shapeoko 3 CNC Setup Update

With a new year comes a new update for my CNC setup and so here is a quick outline of how I have my Shapeoko 3 setup in the workshop. The main enclosure hasn’t really changed at all apart from some strengthening and dampening to cut down on vibrations.


Towards the end of last year, I received a care-package form Edward at Carbide 3D containing a number of goodies including: a new cnc controller, a set of end mills, some drag chain, the new electronics enclosure, the new z-axis plate and the piece-de-resistance… the threaded aluminium bed!

I quickly set about implementing the upgrades and within a few days I was back up and running with a few other additions thrown in as well.

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The anodized aluminium bed gives the machine a really clean look and makes work holding so much easier.

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I also change out my limit switch mounts for ones that were compatible with the new z axis plate and didn’t get in the way.


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New drag-chain fitted on both axes.

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I’ve added a vent port on the side of the cnc that is connected to a powerful bathroom extractor fan. This pulls all of the airborne dust out of the enclosure and dumps it outside though a filter. Also a homemade strip of 3w LEDs light up the enclosure well.



Overall I look forward to reaping the benefits of my new upgrades and putting them to good use with my projects over the next year!

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