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Tripod Plate Belt Clip – 3D printing

I was going to post this as a ‘3D printer Thursday’ segment but oh well…

When I am out hiking I like to take a camera to capture the moments that stand out but I despise camera straps with a passion. They get tangled and never keep the camera in place when over your shoulder and it ends up bashing against your hip and arm as you walk. Recently I resorted to just carrying my camera the whole time but this is almost as annoying.

I therefore developed a clip that fits my Arca-Swiss style tripod plates and mounts to my belt so the camera can be securely and quickly attached to my belt where it does not fly around as I walk nor does it end up in unexpected positions and get bashed by my arms. It stays in one place where I know where it is.

I uploaded the STL and Inventor file to Thingivers so feel free to modify it for your tripod plates. I plan to develop this idea further and incorporate other styles of plates, especially Manfroto plates.

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