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I Won!

Great news on the Instructables contest that I entered with my Wine Glass Holder:


I won the Grand Prize!!

Such a big boost in motivation knowing that people are impressed by and appreciate your work.

The prize is pretty epic as well; it is an Aether Cone bluetooth/internet radio speaker in an awesome colour of black and copper which I think looks incredible sleek, can’t wait for this to arrive in the mail!

I have always been a huge fan of the Instructables website, it is great to have such a good community to share projects and inspiration with. Having the ability to post your creations in front of thousands of people and receive their feedback is excellent for sharing opinions and ideas and learning what improvements you can make.

Update 27/12/2015

As I was undergoing the upgrade of my website I noticed that Aether’s website displayed a message that they are shutting down their servers and discontinuing their products. It is such a shame to see quirky small companies like this going out of business especially when they had such an elegantly designed product. I am surprised Apple didn’t buy up this company, the sleek elegant design of this product is very ‘Apple-esque’…

According to Aether the internet radio and voice command features will be disabled but functionality as a bluetooth speaker will remain so I will be able to use it (providing that Instructables can still send me one…).


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