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Mini Oak Tea Light Holders

I now have these two styles of mini tea light holders on my Etsy page! There will be many more designs to come so keep checking back here for updates on that.

Click here to see the Etsy listings.

With Christmas coming up I thought it to be the perfect time to start working on designs for some gifts. Candles and candle holders always make an excellent gift and furthermore, excellent decorations to have around the house during the festive period. Making enough of these to give as gifts and provide to my whole family as decorations would be a tall order if I were to painstakingly hand make them (admitidely, the gesture would be nice if they were hand made) but fortunately I can use my CNC machine.

For my designs, I sketched some simple shapes in Illustrator and exported them as .dxf files to open in CamBam.

2015-12-27 20_10_41-New notification

Next, I opened them up in CamBam and generated some toolpaths to use on my CNC.

2015-12-27 20_14_01-CamBam+ tealight apple

(Video of CNC work coming soon)

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