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CAD/CAM mini walkthrough

Hi Everyone,

In this shot video I thought I would just demonstrate my CAD CAM workflow.

I start in Inventor typically, even when it is only a 2.5d shape I want to make. I find working in 3d helps you visualise how the object is going to look. Also I I am doing work fro clients I can make a rendered image and send that to them to confirm that it is correct before manufacturing.

For CAD I usually take an exported .dxf file from Inventor (‘export face as’ when dealing with 2.5d) and drop it into CamBam. I find this tool extremely efficient for woking with 2.5d but I have yet to use it for any 3D work as I am not familiar with that aspect of the program. For 3D work or when I need extreme control over toolpaths I use Inventor HSM.

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