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White Oak Floating Shelf

Just a quick project I completed today, check out the Instructable here:

 White Oak Floating Shelf


This project started more out of necessity than anything else. There is a corner in my bedroom where I have a chest of drawers upon which my audio amplifier sits. I wanted to maximize the space of this corner above the drawers and a corner shelf seemed like the best idea.

I had a spare piece of triangularly shaped oak similar to the one I used in my oak and copper coffee table. Both pieces were originally scraps form a joinery company that had been working on a staircase.

Now I know it is typical to seal the knots in the wood to prevent moisture getting in but I decided against this as it is not worth the trouble for a simple shelf. (also I had run out of epoxy…sue me…) I will apply a finish that should help protect those knots pictured a bit so there isn’t to much concern there.Plus, I liked the raw unfinished nature of the wood.

The rest of the build was pretty straight forward so if you would like more detail please check out the Instructable linked at the top of this post.

The main thing that I really took away from this project though was the use of cabinet scrapers. I made my own from a piece of hard stainless steel scrap, filed the long edge flat and used a burnishing tool to roll a bur over on one side to create the scraping edge. They are remarkably effective and leave a surface that in this case didn’t really need sanding at all!


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  1. Ollie Ollie

    Love the grain

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