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Arduino Connections for Electric Longboard

Lots of people have been requesting the connections for the arduino so here you go!

arduino control circuit for longboard_bb


  1. When you say the 1st cell and ground pins of the balance and 2nd power and ground of lipo is that purely connecting to the balance plug? Will I use the power and ground lines for the ESC and motor setup?

    • yeh you use the balance plug to power the arduino and bluetooth. And you use the main lipo connectors to power the esc and motor

      • Perfect thank you. How do I connect the balance connector to the arduino?

        • You need to get a connector that will mate with the lipo balance connector, google will be your best friend for that!

          • So I’m using 2 3s lipos wired in series. I only need to use the balance plug from one lipo to power the arduino correct? And I cannot find an adapter for balance plug to arduino power supply. I’m using an arduino uno.

  2. Yeh you just get a piece of solid core wire and poke it in the lipo balance plug (making sure its the correct hole) then connect the other end to v in pin on uno and grnd for the other wire from the balance connector

  3. Would definitely love to see this design powered by solar energy.

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