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Oak sign for a low door


(Apologies for the poor quality photo above, don’t really know why it looks so bad here)

I was given a task by my parents to create a mind your head sign for a low doorway in the house.

I immediately leapt at the opportunity to use my CNC and get some practice engraving!

It started with  slab of 20mm thick white oak which I cut to a rough length so it would fit on the bed of my CNC machine. I quickly designed some text and an outline to use for a profile cut to cut the piece out directly on the machine. I cut the letters down to a depth of 1mm and use enamel radiator paint to fill in the letters. I used enamel paint because it dries into a flawless glossy finish which would make the letters stand out nicely. Once the paint was dry I used a cabinet scraper to remove the excess on the surface of the wood but left a bit of the paint in the grain as it gave a nice white washed effect. Next I used a profile router bit to give it a clean, finished edge all the way around the sign. romanogee81

Finally, a coat of varnish sealed the piece and brought out the grain beautifully. The grain is especially interesting on the profile left by the Ogee router bit as you can see in the picture (bottom right).

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