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Tegris: A new material that will give carbon fiber a run for its money

So I came across this material on my daily internet browse. It seems to be very remarkable!! it is a thermoplastic composite that is super rigid, lightweight, strong and more importantly a fraction of the cost of carbon fiber.


This sounds like the perfect material for making multirotor parts out of then because it seems to have most of the properties of carbon fiber (the common choice for performance RC parts) but a price that seems extremely good!

I have contacted a company who manufacture this material and will hopefully be able to get some sample sheets of it and mill out a few sample frames and parts from it. I will be posting about how i get on with this material in the future!!


    • Hi there, I am still trying to get hold of some samples for testing, I think that if I keep pestering then hopefully they will give me some just to make me go away 🙂

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